To Passionately Pursue


(Somehow putting a picture of a guy cliff jumping is what I am supposed to do here)

This is not a “how to” live your life according to me. This is an opinion. This is a blog. And also, I like to believe I have more strengths. As I definitely have more weaknesses.

Ae Padilla

I have been told and asked my many, mostly because of job interviews, what my greatest strength is.

I must say that for someone who is humble, which itself can be a strength, this question poses a lot of problems.

You don’t want to come across too egotistical. You don’t want to come across as insecure however. You’re one step away from saying that fast food soft serve cones and crap tv are it. Let’s go away from that for a little bit. This might be one of those serious posts.

I argue that my greatest strength, which others might perceive as a weakness, is the only way you should ever live. You should only passionately pursue everything in your life. Because passion, unlike fleeting longing, comes from your most inner self. And your most inner self will always look out for you and will always know what you want. It will never steer you wrong, but believe me it will steer you through difficult times. Let’s keep in mind that equating difficulty with something being not worth it – that is not the same thing. At all.

Therefor passion is all that is required.

You should only ever passionately pursue the job that you not just want, but desperately need. The one that makes you want to get up in the morning. The one that contributes to your happiness. The one that may contribute to other peoples. When you pursue a job for the sake of pursuing a job then you lay back and let the world dictate the joy you get from what keeps a roof over your head. If you passionately pursue the work you want, then the other jobs, the unglamorous ones you have to do to get you there will be the stepping stones to something greater. And it will never seem like wasted time; it will seem like progress. It may not be easy at all, but it will be, as said before, filled with passion. And when you find work you want to do, then the work is not even work.

You should only ever passionately pursue your family. Some are given to you without your consent and some are made and brought into a unit because of you. Neither of those reasons matter, but the passion you share with them does. Holidays, graduations, birthday parties, are all events in your life which will inevitably happen. How you act and appreciate in these moments, how you pursue happiness with the closest people to you, will embody the energy of your family. Passionately pursue the idea of learning more about the people you assume you know everything about. And strive, endlessly, to find new ways to bring everyone closer. Passionately protect them; they are a part of you.

You should only ever passionately pursue your friends. Your friends are the family you pick for yourself. They are the people you spend free time with, the people in your life filled with a lack of obligations (short of plays and birthday parties). These are the people you want in your life. So why are you not extremely happy to be around some of them all the time? Why do some of them feel like a job? That is because at some point you stopped passionately pursuing them as a friend, learning more about them, growing with them, and making time for them. Or they are a friend of convenience you never passionately pursued in the first place. If these are the people you voluntarily associate with then they should be filled with the zest of life that you want surrounding you. Passionately pursue your friend as you passionately pursue your romantic relationships.

It makes no sense, it never has to me, when people find themselves settling in love. Love and sex are the most passionate acts we partake in, in our life. Who you marry is the most important decision. The act of settling mirrors closely the act of being comfortable with a person. This is a blurred line which needs to be defined. Pursue the people you may not get. Pursue the people who scare you but bring something out of you. Passionately pursue love and your partner. Even if it does not work that does not mean passion failed, that means two people might be incompatible or it might not be the right time. Passion never fails because passion in itself is not a bad thing. It is not what you can get at any cost. It is what you want so longingly with your heart.

Passionately pursue your faith. It will never lead you astray. God, or whatever form you believe a higher power to be, will not disappoint. If you passionately pursue the unknown then the unknown will transfer itself back into you and you will be blessed with not knowing all the answers. You will enjoy mystery; you will realize its appeal. When you turn towards someone to show you the way, faith in a God or faith in others, you relinquish yourself and your superior indifference to those around you.

Passionately pursue wisdom. Realize that it blurs the lines with naivety. This is a good thing. In seeking out answers you ask more questions. And in seeking out knowledge you forget about academics and lessons. If you want to learn something for the sake of simply learning it then the joy of learning becomes a mindset that you carry with you through every part of your life.

Finally passionately pursue yourself. You are your own compass. It all comes back to you. You, almost all the time, have the ability to make yourself better. You control every aspect of your life spoken about. When you make changes you can get it all. Still even when you do, you can sometimes begin to feel as if it is not enough. You can still be missing that burning fire in you that makes a person tick. That x factor. I am here to tell you that passion is that factor. And it starts by loving what you do. By embracing spontaneity. By embracing challenges. By embracing yourself.

It is impossible you say, to do everything with passion. A life like that is not conducive to small things, real things, real life. Others will say that there are many facets to stray you from this. Making dinner. Calling your significant other after a long day. Picking up the kids.

Not every day will be full of passion, you are simply missing the point with this one. However every decision in your life, every small but more importantly huge one, should be fueled with passion behind it. That way when you do make dinner you do it after a job that gave you fulfillment. When you talk to your husband or wife you talk to someone who might irritate you but who you want to kiss more, throw on the table, and have your way with. And when you are picking up your kids after a day, you are filled with love for them because you want to know more about them and form true connections. You can after all passionately pursue them too.

Passion is a choice we don’t realize we have and a quality we can work on. Born in some, and simply fostered in others, it can truly show us more about ourselves and lead to a more fulfilling life. The ways to get there seem vague but the feeling in your heart, soul, where passion comes from – not your head – are so meaningful we cannot over look them.

Are you passionately pursuing your life?

And if not are you passionately pursuing ways to fix the problems in your life?


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